Welcome To Our Official Church Website

Welcome to the official website of the Dixwell Avenue Congregational United Church of Christ. Dixwell Church is the oldest formally recognized African American Congregational Church in the world. We are a fellowship of people who seek to understand and practice the Christian faith in a multicultural, ethically and religiously diverse world. We welcome you to be a part of this faith journey. Please join us for worship services each Sunday at 11:00 am. 

A Message from Our Pastor
Many African American churches, often referred to as “Black Churches” have their institutional founding- origin in the 19th century. Many of these churches were a part of the Methodist and Baptist denominations. African Americans protesting their unequal treatment by these predominantly white led Christian organizations sparked African Americans to protest and form
their own religious bodies.

The Christian religion as interpreted and practiced by Black Christians and 
and their worship ethos and style reflect their denominational history and legacy, and a rich and complex history and character of African American cultural roots. Since their beginning, African American churches have provided social support services of various kinds, social justice advocacy and initiatives promoting the physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual and social well-being of its members and wider community. These are some of the attributes that characterize our beloved Dixwell Congregational United Church of Christ. Founded as the Temple Street Church in New Haven in 1820, Dixwell Church is part of the history of America and the congregational church in New England and the city of New Haven. Its congregation reflects the multi-ethnic face of America. It became a part of the United Church of Christ which, as an eccIesial body, was established in 1957.

These are challenging times for our nation and world. What might be the role of religion in society in general and the value of what Christian churches offer to people today are questions no less important now than they were in 1820. Supporting and advancing the welfare of people and our society while also sharing its understanding of our relationship to God and its impact on how we treat one another remains the important work of the church and Dixwell Church in New Haven.
Rev. Dr. Frederick J. Streets
A Prayer for Our Time

Spirit of All Creation:

May our faith in you and one another guide us as we cannot yet see our way through this time of crisis.

May our hope in you and the goodness of our neighbors strengthen us as we endure our discomforts and fears.

            Give comfort to all who are emotionally, physically and spiritually distressed.

Bless our health care providers and all who are taking care of those who are ill.

Grant wisdom and discernment to those who are researching and searching for medicines to
combat our diseases, the corona virus and other illnesses.

Help us to reassure and comfort our children and protect them from harm and danger.

Grant, O God, those who lead our governments, institutions, hospitals, our schools and local organizations,
safety and emergency services and us, wisdom beyond our own wisdom to contain the corona virus;
faith beyond our own faith to help us to fight our fears and strength beyond our own strength to be resilient
and sustain all of our vital institutions through this time of turmoil.

Although we are physically separated from one another help us, Eternal One, to maintain our social connection
to one another by our creatively and ethically using social media.  

Help each of us to know that there is something in us stronger than fear. Birth in us a new sense of hope
that will help us to rise above the clouds of despair.

Grant, Eternal Love that we emerge from this time of crisis a more loving people who are more
committed to the welfare of all and the earth that sustains us.