Deacon Board

The Deacon Board serves the church and the congregation through support and cooperation with the Pastor by promoting the spiritual life of Dixwell Congregational UCC. The mission of the Deacon Board is to spread the Word, to bring everyone into the fellowship of the Lord, and to exemplify the life of our Savior Jesus Christ. The Deacons meet monthly and assist in serving Communion on first Sundays. In addition, Deacons visit and serve communion to members who are sick and shut-in. On behalf of Dixwell Church, the Deacon Board contributes  to charitable organizations and efforts within our community and contributes to repasts held at Dixwell for deceased church members. Deacons provide outreach to all members and support them during their various stages of life and those of their families. Of particular importance is the role Deacons fulfill in the lives of seniors and assist in maintaining their connection to Church and Church family.

Knowledge of the Bible while understanding and sharing their own faith journey is a necessity for Deacons to effectively perform their duties in promoting and enhancing the spiritual life of our Church.