Dixwell UCC & Covid-19 Precautions

Dear Beloved Dixwell Church Family:

We often sing we will “trust in the Lord” and we give witness that “God is our refuge and help in a time of trouble”. Since 1820 as a community of faith, Dixwell Church members have endure many social, political and economic crisis. Many of us share a profound sense of vulnerability and anxiety now caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have our faith and we have one another to lean upon during this troubling time. It is certainly a time to be prudent and rely upon our faith and one another.

I met with some of the leaders of our congregation today, March 12, 2020. I write to share with you some important information. A robo call will go out tomorrow Friday March 13, 2020 with more information some of which is given here below. Also check with NEWS Channel 8. It is our moral and ethical mandate to advocate for everyone’s health, well-being and safety and to minimize the best we can exposing ourselves and others to COVID-19.
We are following the recommendation of the wider UCC therefore:
  • Worship services for Sunday March 15 and 22 are cancelled.
  • All activities such as meetings and choir rehearsals normally held at the church are cancelled until Monday March 23, 2020.
  • We will notify you if this date of March 23, 2020 has to be changed to extend the cancellation period of church activities and worship.
  • For update information please check our website regularly
  • For more information on the corona virus visit: www.cdc.gov/COVID19
I am encouraging you to reach out to and check-in with one another by phone and email on a regular basis. It is very important that we do this since we are being physically separated (temporarily, I hope) from being together in our usual church related gatherings. Please share this letter with others. Make sure that we have your up to date address, phone number and email address by calling Ms. Jan Simmons at the church office.203-787-5839.
The office hours are as follows:
Tuesday 10am-2pm
Wednesday 10am-1pm.
Thursday 10am-3:30pm
Friday 10am-1pm

Your giving is important and crucial now more than ever. Please consider giving online using Zelle. Your tithes and offerings can also still be mailed to the church.
Self-care is important; a good diet, exercise, rest, proper amount of sleep, prayer and meditation can enhance our well-being. Remember to wash your hands often. Keep an appropriate distance when engaging with other people. Make sure to reassure children and youth that you will do all you can to help keep them safe and remind them often to follow cleanliness practices.
I want to thank our church Deacons, Council, Boards and staff and each of you for your expressions of faith and support. The essence of the church lie in the spirit, work and witness of its members. This goes beyond the physical walls of the church. We are still the church even when we are not in the church building itself. We are still worshiping God when we care and support one another daily outside of the church building. It is our hope that we will be able to return to Sunday worship on March 29, 2020.

I appreciate and value hearing from you. My family and I hold you in our hearts and in our prayers. Feel free to email or call me at any time. My email address is: frederick.streets@yale.edu. My cell number is: 203-687-9839.
We practice due diligence while also placing our hope and trust in God!
Pastor Streets