Missionary Board

The Missionary Board is comprised of a group of members elected by the congregation.  They are responsible for supervising and coordinating the missionary education and many service activities of the Church.  The Board is charged with recommending to the Finance Board the distribution of a portion of the Mission Fund income raised through designated giving as well as proceeds from Missionary Board fundraising activities.  The Missionary Board also conducts outreach to church members and to friends of Dixwell during periods of illness and bereavement.

As a way of showing Christ’s love to those around us, the Missionary Board has continued to engage in a number of service activities including:

  • Providing visits and gifts to our sick and shut-in members during the Easter and Christmas holiday seasons.
  • Coordinating the Adopt-A-Senior project during the Christmas Season for neighbors and residents of the Hannah Gray Home and Ella Scantlebury Residence.
  • Sponsoring a number of collections for food and supplies for community organizations and shelters to meet the needs of those they serve.
  • Coordinating activities and awareness during the entire month of October which is designated as Missionary Month with a special third Sunday worship service featuring a missions speaker.
  • Engaging youth in missionary education and activities through the development of their own initiatives.

Missionary work is centered locally as well as to sites throughout the United States.  The Board ensures contributions to the UCC Five for Five offerings which support One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, the Christmas Fund, Neighbors in Need and Our Church’s Wider Missions.  

The Board actively works to sponsor and present an Annual Fashion Show and Tea in addition to several excursions.