Christian Education

Teach a child the way s/he should live and s/he will remember it all her/his life. Proverbs 22:6   Christian Education is the ongoing development of faith through continuous learning and strengthening daily spiritual practices. While Christian Education has focused primarily on youth, there is increasingly a call to recognize the need and desire for adult education. The following are integral to the Dixwell’s Christian Education Program:   Youth Sunday School is held simultaneously with Church service on the third, fourth and fifth Sundays. The goal is to present lessons which are youth-friendly, engaging and encouraging an understanding of a loving God and the life of Jesus Christ.
Adult Sunday School meets each Sunday morning prior to Worship from 9:45 until 10:30 am. The group meets to study biblical passages and lessons sequenced according to the comprehensive UCC curriculum. Lessons are focused on developing  personal responses as a Christian with a “still- speaking God” at the head of our lives. Discussions contribute to the answering of questions about how to bring God through Christ into daily, contemporary living. In addition, Bible Study is held weekly. 
Youth continue to serve as Worship Leaders on the second Sunday of each month.  In addition to delivering the Invocation, Responsive Reading,  Welcome, Announcements and Gospel, youth will often provide a special perspective on the liturgical and/or secular calendar.  Music is provided by both the Sunbeam Choir and the Teen Ensemble. Youth have consistently participated in programs for Easter, Homecoming, and Christmas.
Graduation Sunday in June celebrates the achievements of the year in Christian Education and regular school.  Gifts and treats are presented to church children at this time and again in September to inaugurate the school year. Gifts are also given at Christmas and Easter. 

Additional Christian Education and church-sponsored events include the Family Picnic and quarterly youth and family events that are spiritual, recreational, and cultural. UCC events are integral to our youth programming.