Music Committee

The Music Committee supports the Dixwell Church Music Program by working collaboratively with our Music Director to provide music for each Sunday’s Worship Service as well as to develop music for special events that enhance a particular observance in the Christian calendar. Likewise, the Music Committee often provides a music emphasis of a thematic quality for community gatherings and programs. Additionally the Committee works to sustain our Living Into Legacy Program, established in 2014 with the Yale Institute of Sacred Music building on Dixwell’s foundation as a premier provider and celebrant of music genres and prominently, African-American music literature.
Dixwell hosts four choirs: For adults- the Voices of Dixwell and the Men’s Chorus; for children-the Sunbeam Choir beginners to age 12 and the Teen Ensemble for youth.  The goal of presenting an inspiring and varied music program requires preparation, participation and service. For example, all choirs may sing separately for the same service and  subsequently will sing en masse to render selections.  Youth choirs sing on the second Sunday of each month. Music staff consists of Mr. Ronald Pollard, Music Director, Mr. Markel Greene, Mr. Kevin James and Mr. Michael Albert supported by longstanding music educator and school administrator, Dr. Charles Warner, Sr. and for youth, Mrs. Letamarie Highsmith and Mrs. Sharyn Esdaile. Music is portrayed via piano and an extraordinary Allen 350 Organ. Brass, wind, bass and percussion round out the instrumentation for special jazz and blues services which have punctuated the music offerings.
In addition to our perpetual work and the commemoration of our bicentennial, there are specific tasks for the coming year. The Committee is in the process of organizing its extensive and extraordinary music library.  In so doing, it will enable our Church to apply the rich legacy of African-American music that belongs to each of us.

The Music Committee is a team of  willing and able collaborators who value excellent music and meaningful  experiences. We are fortunate to host ongoing collaborations with Heritage Chorale of New Haven, New World Arts Northeast under the direction of dramatist Mrs. Aleta Staton, and with the accomplished trumpet and flugelhorn musician, Mr. William Fluker, associate member.  The Heritage Chorale has presented as a community invitational, The Seven Last Words of Christ  while in residence at Dixwell.   

We are extremely blessed with abundant talent and infinite faith. We remain available to God to proclaim His greatness and His promise to each of us.